Title Language Date Reference
Ampleon to showcase breakthrough RF power technology and present latest technical papers at IMS 2019 English 2019/05/29 APN066
Ampleon announces the industry’s most rugged 2KW RF power LDMOS transistor for ISM applications English 2019/05/08 APN065
Ampleon stellt den branchenweit robustesten 2KW HF-LDMOS-Transistor für ISM-Anwendungen vor German 2019/05/08 APN065
Ampleon annuncia il più robusto transistor di potenza RF da 2 KW in tecnologia LDMOS per applicazioni ISM Italian 2019/05/08 APN065
埃賦隆宣佈面向ISM應用推出業界最耐用的2kW RF功率LDMOS電晶體 Traditional Chinese 2019/05/08 APN065
埃赋隆宣布面向ISM应用推出业界最耐用的2kW RF功率LDMOS晶体管 Simplified Chinese 2019/05/08 APN065
High-efficiency 750W RF power transistor at 915 MHz enables more compact power amplifier designs English 2019/04/08 APN064
Hocheffizienter 750 W-HF-Leistungstransistor ermöglicht bei 915 MHz kompaktere Leistungsverstärker-Designs German 2019/04/08 APN064
Transistor di potenza RF da 750 W a 915 MHz consente di progettare amplificatori di potenza più compatti Italian 2019/04/08 APN064
915MHz高效750W射頻功率電晶體可實現更緊湊的功率放大器設計 Traditional Chinese 2019/04/08 APN064
915MHz高效750W射频功率晶体管可实现更紧凑的功率放大器设计 Simplified Chinese 2019/04/08 APN064
915 MHzの高効率750 W RFパワートランジスタが、よりコンパクトなパワーアンプ設計を可能に Japanese 2019/04/08 APN064
High power RF transistor targets Industrial and Professional RF Energy applications English 2019/01/16 APN054
Hochleistungs-HF-Transistor für industrielle und professionelle HF-Energieanwendungen German 2019/01/16 APN054
Transistor RF a elevata potenza per applicazioni che utilizzano l'energia RF nei settori professionale e industriale Italian 2019/01/16 APN054
大功率射频晶体管面向工业和专业射频能量应用 Simplified Chinese 2019/01/16 APN054
小尺寸50Ω輸入/輸出250W雙級2.4GHz模組簡化集成的複雜度 Traditional Chinese 2018/11/06 APN052
小尺寸50Ω输入/输出250W双级2.4GHz模块简化集成的复杂性 Simplified Chinese 2018/11/06 APN052
Compact 250 W dual-stage 2.4 GHz module with 50 Ohm input/outputs eases integration complexity English 2018/11/05 APN052
Kompaktes zweistufiges 250W/2,4GHz-Modul mit 50Ω-Ein-/Ausgängen vereinfacht die Integration German 2018/11/05 APN052
Modulo compatto da 250 W a doppio stadio per applicazioni a 2,4 GHz con ingressi/uscite a 50 Ohm semplifica il processo di integrazione Italian 2018/11/05 APN052
Ampleon secures refinancing to drive growth English 2018/10/30 APN053
Ampleon獲得再融資以推動增長 Traditional Chinese 2018/10/31 APN053
Ampleon获得再融资以推动增长 Simplified Chinese 2018/10/31 APN053
Ampleon leads RF power efficiency with launch of 62% efficient Gen9HV LDMOS transistor for particle accelerators English 2018/09/25 APN051
Ampleon面向粒子加速器應用推出62%效率的Gen9HV LDMOS電晶體而引領射頻功率效率 Traditional Chinese 2018/09/25 APN051
Ampleon面向粒子加速器推出62%效率的Gen9HV LDMOS晶体管而引领射频功率效率 Simplified Chinese 2018/09/25 APN051
Highly efficient 1,600 Watt extremely rugged RF power transistor targets 50V FM radio broadcast applications English 2018/09/24 APN050
高效1,600W極堅固RF功率電晶體面向50V FM無線電廣播應用 Traditional Chinese 2018/09/24 APN050
高效1,600W极坚固RF功率晶体管面向50V FM无线电广播应用 Simplified Chinese 2018/09/24 APN050
Ampleon to showcase leading RF power products at European Microwave Week 2018 English 2018/08/23 APN049
Rugged 250 Watt RF PA transistor delivers 69 % energy efficiency and withstands VSWR 20:1 on all phases English 2018/07/18 APN040
堅固耐用型250W RF PA電晶體具有69%的能效,並可在所有相位上承受20:1的VSWR Traditional Chinese 2018/07/18 APN040
坚固耐用型250W RF PA晶体管具有69%的能效,并可在所有相位上承受20:1的VSWR Simplified Chinese 2018/07/18 APN040
Ampleon launches first Gen9HV LDMOS 140 Watt RF PA transistor for UHF broadcast applications English 2018/06/06 APN045
埃賦隆半導體面向UHF廣播應用推出首款Gen9HV LDMOS 140W RF PA電晶體 Traditional Chinese 2018/06/06 APN045
埃赋隆半导体面向UHF广播应用推出首款Gen9HV LDMOS 140W RF PA晶体管 Simplified Chinese 2018/06/06 APN045
Ampleon announces IMS 2018 conference sessions and booth demonstration highlights English 2018/05/09 APN044
Ampleon宣佈IMS 2018會議排期和展位展示亮點 Traditional Chinese 2018/05/09 APN044
Ampleon宣布IMS 2018会议排期和展位展示亮点 Simplified Chinese 2018/05/09 APN044
Ampleon issues update on investor status English 2018/05/08 APN048
埃賦隆半導體發佈投資者狀態更新 Traditional Chinese 2018/05/08 APN048
埃赋隆半导体发布投资者状态更新 Simplified Chinese 2018/05/08 APN048
200 Watt LDMOS matched input/output amplifier module speeds development of 433 MHz systems English 2018/04/11 APN043
200W LDMOS輸入/輸出匹配放大器模組加速433MHz系統的開發 Traditional Chinese 2018/04/11 APN043
200W LDMOS输入/输出匹配放大器模块加速433MHz系统的开发 Simplified Chinese 2018/04/11 APN043
Ampleon launch ISM signal generator IC for RF energy applications English 2018/04/04 APN036
埃賦隆半導體推出面向射頻能量應用的ISM 訊號產生器IC Traditional Chinese 2018/04/04 APN036
埃赋隆半导体推出面向射频能量应用的ISM信号发生器IC Simplified Chinese 2018/04/04 APN036
Ampleon participates in EDI CON 2018 English 2018/03/07 APN037
埃賦隆半導體參加EDI CON 2018大會 Traditional Chinese 2018/03/07 APN037
埃赋隆半导体参加EDI CON 2018大会 Simplified Chinese 2018/03/07 APN037
Compact SOT502 ISM band RF PA transistor delivers 600 Watts for RF energy applications English 2018/02/08 APN035
SOT502 ISM頻段小型射頻功放電晶體可為射頻能量應用提供600W功率 Traditional Chinese 2018/02/08 APN035
SOT502 ISM频段小型射频功放晶体管可为射频能量应用提供600W功率 Simplified Chinese 2018/02/08 APN035
Update on investor structure English 2017/12/04 APN034
投资者结构更新 Simplified Chinese 2017/12/04 APN034
投資者結構更新 Traditional Chinese 2017/12/04 APN034
Ampleon rolls-out new products and presents technical papers at European Microwave Week 2017 English 2017/09/25 APN032
Ampleon stellt auf der European Microwave Week 2017 neue Produkte vor und hält Vorträge German 2017/09/25 APN032
Wide-band 20 Watt single-stage driver yields high efficiency, gain and extremely low thermal resistance English 2017/06/07 APN031
寬頻20W單級驅動器可提供高效率、高增益和極低的熱阻 Traditional Chinese 2017/06/07 APN031
宽带20W单级驱动器可提供高效率、高增益和极低的热阻 Simplified Chinese 2017/06/07 APN031
Ampleon launches first devices using Gen9HV 50 V base station optimised process English 2017/06/06 APN030
Ampleon delivers lower power consumption and increased efficiency for wireless infrastructure Pas English 2017/05/23 APN029
安谱隆半导体将在IMS会议上展示LDMOS和GaN射频功放产品组合及大功率射频解决方案 Simplified Chinese 2017/05/16 APN028
安譜隆半導體將在IMS會議上展示LDMOS和GaN射頻功放產品組合及大功率射頻解決方案 Traditional Chinese 2017/05/16 APN028
Ampleon showcases LDMOS and GaN RF PA portfolio and high power RF solutions at IMS English 2017/05/10 APN028
Ampleon showcases LDMOS and GaN RF PA portfolio and high power RF solutions at EDI CON English 2017/04/12 APN027
Ampleon將於EDI CON展示LDMOS和GaN RF PA產品組合及大功率RF解決方案 Traditional Chinese 2017/04/12 APN027
Ampleon 将于EDI CON 展示LDMOS 和GaN RF PA 产品组合及大功率RF 解决方案 Simplified Chinese 2017/04/12 APN027
Ampleon opens RF Energy Competence Center in Hefei English 2016/10/20 APN020
Ampleon在合肥开设RF能源卓越中心 Simplified Chinese 2016/10/20 APN020
Ampleon在中國合肥開設RF能源技能中心 Traditional Chinese 2016/10/20 APN020
Ampleon extends line up of Gen 9 LDMOS RF transistors and pallets English 2016/10/04 APN021
Ampleon adds 1900 Watt LDMOS power transistor to its extremely rugged line-up English 2016/10/03 APN024
アンプレオン 1900ワット LDMOSパワートランジスタの新製品を発表 Japanese 2016/10/03 APN024
Ampleon launch ultra compact two-stage Doherty amplifier for 4.5 G / LTE Advanced Pro applications English 2016/09/27 APN023
Ampleon demonstrates Wideband System Solution featuring Xilinx DPD IP at IMS 2016 English 2016/05/24 APN017
Credit card sized 250 Watt 2.4-2.5 GHz reference design targets RF cooking and industrial heating applications English 2016/05/24 APN011
ITAR-free S band SWaP optimised pallets speed time to market for radar applications English 2016/05/23 APN016
RF Power reference guide available for download English 2016/05/19 APN018
Ampleon unveils full portfolio of PA solutions for small cells and massive MIMO English 2016/05/18 APN015
Ampleon GaN RF transistor family complements LDMOS portfolio with high-efficiency and wideband solutions for mobile broadband English 2016/05/17 APN014
Innovative air cavity packaging brings significant cost reductions and performance improvements to RF transistors used in wireless infrastructure English 2016/05/12 APN013
1400 CW extremely rugged reliable RF transistor withstands VSWR > 65:1 English 2016/05/03 APN012
앰플레온, 국제 마이크로웨이브 심포지엄(IMS)에서 초고속 무선통신용 전력 증폭기 등 최신 기술 발표 Korean 2016/04/27 APN010
Ampleon 在 IMS(国际微波会议)上展出最新技术与产品 Simplified Chinese 2016/04/26 APN010
アンプレオン、IMS (国際マイクロ波シンポジウム) で最新技術を展示 Japanese 2016/04/25 APN010
Ampleon präsentiert Innovationen beim IMS German 2016/04/14 APN010
Ampleon showcases latest innovations at IMS English 2016/04/14 APN010
Ampleon showcases RF energy innovations at EDI CON English 2016/04/07 APN009
Ampleon 在电子设计创新会议上展示RF能源创新产品 Simplified Chinese 2016/04/07 APN009
Ampleon and Midea collaboration results in world’s first solid state oven English 2016/03/21 APN008
Ampleon和美的合作开发世界上首台固态烤箱 Simplified Chinese 2016/03/21 APN008
アンプレオンとMideaはソリッド・ステート・クッキング技術を採用した世界初のオーブンレンジのコラボレーションを発表 Japanese 2016/03/21 APN008
RF transistor delivers >50% efficiency at 150W DVB-T for ultra wideband asymmetrical Doherty applications English 2016/03/08 APN008
BLF888E ; TV放送送信機用RFトランジスタ 高周波数帯域 非対称ドハティアンプ構成で効率50%以上, 出力パワー150Wを実現 Japanese 2016/03/08 APN007
Ampleon and HAS University collaborate on full spectrum lighting research for horticultural applications English 2016/02/09 APN006
Ampleon en HAS Hogeschool doen gezamenlijk onderzoek aan full spectrum verlichting voor tuinbouwtoepassingen Dutch 2016/02/09 APN006
Ampleon’s extremely rugged LDMOS RF power transistors for HF, VHF and ISM applications now available in cost effective overmoulded packages English 2016/01/13 APN003
Ampleons robuste LDMOS-HF-Leistungstransistoren für HF-, VHF- und ISMAnwendungen stehen nun in kostengünstigen vergossenen Gehäusen bereit German 2016/01/13 APN003
I transistor di potenza LDMOS RF a elevata affidabilità di Ampleon per applicazioni nelle bande HF, VHF e ISM sono ora disponibili in package plastico OMP di costo contenuto Italian 2016/01/13 APN003
Ampleon现在为HF、VHF和ISM应用提供使用高成本效益 模压塑料封装的极稳固LDMOS RF功率晶体管 Simplified Chinese 2016/01/13 APN003
Ampleon introduces GaN RF power transistors in 10 to 200W ratings English 2015/12/14 APN004
Ampleon – 全球领先的射频电源合作伙伴 Simplified Chinese 2015/12/08 APN001
Ampleon - the leading global partner in RF power English 2015/12/07 APN001
Ampleon - de toonaangevende leverancier van RF Power componenten Dutch 2015/12/07 APN001
Ampleon – il partner globale di riferimento per la potenza RF Italian 2015/12/07 APN001