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Reference: APN018

Date: May 19, 2016

Nijmegen, The Netherlands, May 19, 2016 – Ampleon today announced the launch of its “24/7 RF” e-book manual. This, the first edition of the guide, is an essential reference book for any engineer working on RF power amplifier designs and is available for free download at

Composed of RF Applications, Technologies and RF Product Portfolio sections, the 24/7 RF highlights design concepts and example schematic diagrams for each specific application sector. RF Application areas covered within the manual include Mobile broadband, Broadcast, ISM (industrial, scientific and medical), and Aerospace and Defense. In addition, a section covers the emerging applications within RF energy. For each use case a parametric table of Ampleon’s available devices is included along with more specific details on a highlighted product. The Technologies chapter gives a full explanation of the popular process technologies, LDMOS and GaN, used for RF power transistors. Several pages are also dedicated to explaining the different types of packaging construction used and the benefits of each. The RF Product Portfolio section has a comprehensive listing of all recommended Ampleon’s devices categorized by application, frequency range and package type.

The 24/7 RF Manual also includes sections on Design Support, Cross References, and Packaging and Packing. Within the Design Support chapter there are web links to further reference sources including application and product specific simulation models, how to order evaluation samples and the RF Power Lifetime Calculator. The Packaging and Packing section include detailed photographs of each different package type, the dimensions of each and the usual packing method.

The 24/7 RF can be downloaded for free and without the need to register here:


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