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Reference: APN045

Date: June 6, 2018

Nijmegen, The Netherlands, June 6, 2018 - Ampleon today announced the introduction of its BLF989 RF power transistor designed for UHF broadcast applications such as DVBT and UHF analog TV. Using Ampleon’s latest Gen9HV high voltage LDMOS process, this 140 Watt (average – 700 Watt peak) transistor, the first broadcast device to use this process technology, offers a high operating efficiency of typically > 34% (Class AB) and is available in a ceramic SOT539 package format either with or without mounting ears.

Featuring best-in-class ruggedness of > 40:1 the BLF989 also offers excellent operating stability and product consistency characteristics, this aiding the whole design-in and production processes for RF power equipment manufacturers.

Capable of operating in the UHF range of 400 to 860 MHz, the transistor has a high gain, > 21 dB at Paverage, and optimal gain flatness across the frequency range.

The Gen9HV process used for the BLF989 builds on Ampleon’s industry-respected technology leadership with its broadcast Gen6HV portfolio further enhancing efficiency, gain and ruggedness specifications. The BLF989 is the first in a portfolio of soon to be released Gen9HV products specially designed for broadcast applications.


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