Push-pull integrated Doherty LDMOS drivers

  • Product family for full sub-6 GHz band
  • Multiband functionality
  • Excellent linearisable efficiency
  • Isolator-free lineup
  • One layout
  • First released products cover 1.8-3.8 GHz bands




Ampleon extends isolator-free sub-6 GHz line-ups with compact multistage Doherty MMIC drivers for 5G NR and 4G LTE Macro base station applications

Ampleon utilizing advanced LDMOS transistor technology introduces B11G1822N60D, B11G2327N70D and B11G3338N80D as 1st released series of push-pull multistage fully integrated Doherty RF transistors in new GEN11 Macro driver family covering all sub-6 GHz frequency bands. The released highly efficient multiband devices facilitate the key 5G NR mid-band operation, enabling implementation of next -generation high power and market leading efficiency macro base stations.

The driver product family comes in PQFN 12x7 mm² push-pull packages, which eliminates the need for an interstage isolator. High level of device integration significantly simplifies the design process, reduces BOM cost and assures reliability and volume consistency. The compact pin-to-pin compatible footprints for sub-6GHz bands minimizes the layout work, which is essential for today’s space-constrained applications.

The Doherty transistors typically deliver a drain efficiency exceeding 20 % at 12 dB power back-off and more than 30 dB power gain at the quoted test conditions. Additionally, the designs integrate ESD protection and a bias gate switching.

Complete system level solutions for the latest 5G Macro use cases

In close cooperation with AMD-Xilinx we address complete system level PA solutions for the latest 5G Macro use cases. A real-life PA lineup demonstrator of Ampleon’s wideband, linear LDMOS Macro driver, B11G3742N80D, driving a GaN final and working seamlessly with the highly adaptable DPD solution from AMD-Xilinx reveals industry leading Macro base station performance at C-band for 280 MHz operating bandwidth.

More information on newly released Macro drivers

GaN at Ampleon

Ampleon has world-class RF power designs, application knowledge & support as well as manufacturing. Technology plays a key role and today’s requirements for lower system power consumption and wider signal bandwidths have been the key drivers of the RF power technology transfer from LDMOS to GaN. Ampleon is offering a broad portfolio of GaN products and has been shipping millions of devices to its customers worldwide.

Please find here some GaN product highlights:



  • C4H2350N05, 1.8-5.0 GHz 5 W driver
  • C4H2350N10, 2.3-5.0 GHz 10 W driver
  • C4H2327N55P, 55 W symmetric Doherty for 2.3-2.4/2.5-2.7 GHz, 55 % 8.5 dB OBO efficiency
  • C4H2327N110A, 110 W asymmetric Doherty 2.3-2.4 GHz/2.5-2.7 GHz, 57 % 8.5 dB OBO efficiency