This product is not recommended for design-in.
The recommended type is: BLC10G22XS-400AVT

Power LDMOS transistor

450 W LDMOS packaged asymmetric Doherty power transistor for base station applications at frequencies from 2110 MHz to 2170 MHz.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent ruggedness
  • High-efficiency
  • Low thermal resistance providing excellent thermal stability
  • Lower output capacitance for improved performance in Doherty applications
  • Designed for low memory effects providing excellent digital pre-distortion capability
  • Internally matched for ease of use
  • Integrated ESD protection
  • Compliant to Directive 2002/95/EC, regarding Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)


  • RF power amplifiers for base stations and multi carrier applications in the 2110 MHz to 2170 MHz frequency range


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Power LDMOS transistor



Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ/Nom Max Unit
frange frequency range 2110 2170 MHz
PL(3dB) nominal output power at 3 dB gain compression 450 W
Test signal: 1-c W-CDMA
Gp power gain PL(AV) = 85 W; VDS = 28 V 13 14 dB
RLin input return loss PL(AV) = 85 W; VDS = 28 V; IDq = 1000 mA -12 -7 dB
ηD drain efficiency PL(AV) = 85 W; VDS = 28 V; 2110 MHz < f < 2170 MHz; IDq = 1000 mA 37 41 %
ACPR adjacent channel power ratio PL(AV) = 85 W; VDS = 28 V; 2110 MHz < f < 2170 MHz; IDq = 1000 mA -33 -27 dBc

Package / Packing

All type numbers in the table below are not recommended for design-in.

Type number Package Outline version Reflow-/Wave
Packing Product status Marking Orderable part number,
(Ordering code (12NC))
sot1258-1_po.pdf Reel 13" Q1/T1 in Drypack Active Standard Marking BLC8G22LS-450AVY
(9340 689 28518)
Tray, NonBakeable, Multiple in Drypack Active Standard Marking BLC8G22LS-450AVZ
(9340 689 28517)

Pinning info

Pin Symbol Description Simplified outline Graphic symbol
1 D2P drain2 (peak)
2 D1M drain1 (main)
3 G1M gate1 (main)
4 G2P gate2 (peak)
5 S source
6 VDP video decoupling (peak)
7 VDM video decoupling (main)


All type numbers in the table below are not recommended for design-in.

Type number Orderable part number Chemical content RoHS / RHF Leadfree conversion date MSL MSL LF
BLC8G22LS-450AV BLC8G22LS-450AVY BLC8G22LS-450AV Always Pb-free 3 3
BLC8G22LS-450AV BLC8G22LS-450AVZ BLC8G22LS-450AV Always Pb-free 3 3
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Ordering & availability

Type number Ordering code (12NC) Orderable part number Distributor Buy online Samples
BLC8G22LS-450AV 9340 689 28518 BLC8G22LS-450AVY DigiKey Buy Not available
BLC8G22LS-450AV 9340 689 28517 BLC8G22LS-450AVZ DigiKey Buy Not available

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