Power LDMOS transistor

A 2000 W advanced ruggedness LDMOS power transistor for industrial, scientific and medical applications in the HF to 400 MHz band.

Features and benefits

  • High breakdown voltage enables class E operation up to VDS = 50 V
  • Qualified up to a maximum of VDS = 65 V
  • Characterized from 30 V to 65 V for extended power range
  • Easy power control
  • Integrated dual sided ESD protection enables class C operation and complete switch off of the transistor
  • Excellent ruggedness with no device degradation
  • High efficiency
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Designed for broadband operation
  • For RoHS compliance see the product details on the Ampleon website


  • Industrial, scientific and medical applications
    • Plasma generators
    • MRI systems
    • CO2 lasers
    • Particle accelerators
  • Radio and VHF TV broadcast transmitters
  • Aerospace
    • HF communications
    • Radar


Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ/Nom Max Unit
frange frequency range 1.8 400 MHz
PL(1dB) nominal output power at 1 dB gain compression 2000 W
Test signal: Pulsed RF
VDS drain-source voltage PL = 2000 W [0] 65 V
Gp power gain PL = 2000 W [0] 27.4 W
RLin input return loss PL = 2000 W [0] 15.2 dB
ηD drain efficiency PL = 2000 W [0] 72.1 %

Package / Packing

Type number Package Outline version Reflow-/Wave
Packing Product status Marking Orderable part number,
(Ordering code (12NC))
ART2K0PE OMP-1230-4F-1
omp-1230-4f-1_po.pdf Tray, NonBakeable, Multiple in Drypack Development Standard Marking ART2K0PEZ
(9349 602 79517)
Reel 13" Q1/T1 in Drypack Development Standard Marking ART2K0PEY
(9349 602 79518)

Pinning info

Pin Symbol Description Simplified outline Graphic symbol
1 G1 gate1
2 G2 gate2
3 D1 drain1
4 D2 drain2
5 S source


Type number Orderable part number Chemical content RoHS / RHF Leadfree conversion date MSL MSL LF
Quality and reliability disclaimer

Ordering & availability

Type number Ordering code (12NC) Orderable part number Distributor Buy online Samples
ART2K0PE 9349 602 79517 ART2K0PEZ RFMW Buy Not available
ART2K0PE 9349 602 79518 ART2K0PEY RFMW Buy Not available

Design support

Title Type Date
Printed-Circuit Board (PCB) ART2K0PE(G) (Data sheet) Design support 2020-01-16