We believe in the fact that the company can only develop and grow if our employees have sufficient room for personal and technical competence development. We offer various opportunities for personal development paths and thus to advance your career within Ampleon.

Career development is embedded into a triple ladder set-up, based on the Korn Ferry Hay career framework. Taking relevant criteria of this model into account, Ampleon has defined core competencies for the engineering, project, or managerial functions. This approach ensures internal and external consistency with regards to job levels (grades). It also allows us to benchmark those job levels with those in our or other industries. Within this triple ladder framework, you can grow in the technical ladder, the project ladder, as well as the managerial ladder to upper levels. 

In all of our business processes, certain competences, knowledge, and skills are required. Accordingly, we have defined development programs for several competence areas. This so-called Competence Framework defines knowledge and skill levels, structurally and consistently. Our Competence Framework guides you in taking the necessary next steps to professionally develop yourself.

To develop the personal leadership, we have launched the ‘AMPLIFIED’ program. For a couple of days, every employee withdraws from the established working environment to concentrate on personal development. In these offsite courses and together with colleagues, we help you learn about yourself and from colleagues, and share practical advice on how to best organize your work. The goal is to exploit your personal leadership skills to the max. Ultimately, this program intends to ‘amplify’ our employees to become a better version of themselves by applying their own talents.

In addition to existing programs, we have established another development scheme, representing the interests of employees being “young at heart” and who want to develop themselves within or beyond their current role: the Ampleon Young Professional community. These talents team up for peer-learning and peer-coaching, challenging the status quo and taking up assignments beyond their regular job. Community members are encouraged to build a professional network with colleagues from all global Ampleon sites and all disciplines to steepen their learning curve even further.