The UHF (470 - 800 MHz) market is diversifying and taking different approaches to the implementation of full band coverage with highest possible efficiency. The two main paths are single band ultra-wideband Doherty (UWB) solutions or classical or wideband Doherty solutions using sub-bands.

Ampleon supports both approaches with dedicated RF power transistors and application designs. For example, BLF888E transistor is a 3-band ultra-wideband Doherty solution achieving 50 % efficiency across the band. This is a unique solution in the market.

For classical Doherty we have solutions available like our most recently released BLF989 transistor which is capable of covering the complete UHF band in a single broadband class-AB design, using a flexible output combiner design with multiple sub-bands.

Whitepaper Doherty Architectures in UHF

This White Paper explains different PA architectures which can be used in today’s UHF Broadcast industry. 

In this paper a brief discussion will be given to explain these new Doherty architectures and to help customers finding the best solution for their transmitter. Ampleon’s transistor family BLF8XX and BLF989 can support these Doherty architectures.