Amplifying the Future of TV & Broadcasting

Digital TV accounts for over 70 % of the broadcasting market. With parts of the UHF band reallocated for mobile telephony (e.g. LTE), operators need to make the most efficient use of the remaining spectrum.

LDMOS Solutions from the Industry Leader for all Segments of the Broadcast Market

Addressing these demands for more efficiency, the broadcasting market is moving away from traditional class A-B solutions. Solutions based on narrowband and ultra-wideband Doherty power amplifiers deliver increased efficiency of 50 % and above. In the near future, asymmetrical Doherty amplifiers may provide even higher efficiencies.

We are committed to the UHF-TV industry and continue to invest in UHF-TV LDMOS technology, so that we can deliver products that support increasingly rich content. 

VHF, FM, and Analog TV Markets

Ampleon has enabled the market to transition to and reap the benefits of LDMOS-based solutions. And we will continue to support our legacy products through customer product life-cycles. We have recently enhanced our broadcast offering with a full range of eXtremely Rugged (XR) products in our Overmoulded Plastic (OMP) package platform.

Application Diagram of a TV Transmitter