FM (88 - 108 MHz)

FM applications need pure power, resulting in high power building blocks. Ampleon’s FM solutions not only deliver high power but are highly efficient, with our latest devices exceeding 85 % efficiency. 

Furthermore, FM solutions must be capable of operating under the harshest of conditions. Our eXtremely Rugged (XR) packaging which supports VSWR > 65 : 1 ensures our products and your service keeps going despite severe operational conditions


DAB and HDR radio have the same basic requirements as FM: power and robustness. In addition, as they operate across a broader frequency range, they also need to be highly linear. Ampleon’s BLFxxxXR transistor series is both highly linear and stable, making them ideal for these systems.

Ampleon also creates demonstration and reference designs that are optimized in size and performance for radio broadcasting. These designs are often implemented directly by customers into their systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Small footprint
  • Ready for production designs
  • Printed planar balun design instead of coaxial baluns