• Develop long-term partnerships with our material suppliers and subcons
  • Drive quality at source to achieve “built-in quality”
  • Proactively drive structural quality and process improvement by partner programs through early capability assessment, continuous performance monitoring and closing the loop


  • Ampleon’s external partners are proactively engaged in our total quality management system to implement quality principles of systematic prevention, proactive error-proofing and a rapid response culture

Way of Working

Ampleon’s material suppliers and subcons play an important role in achieving our goals of having zero quality incidents, no supply issues and a consistent performance. Our supplier quality team actively works with suppliers to urge and support them in making systematic and ongoing improvements to their products and processes. This is achieved through the following approach:

  • Consistent monitoring of material conformance to specifications or control-limits  through
    • Regular manufacturing process and quality systems audits, both prior to volume ramp-up and later during the sustaining phase
    • Quality reviews with supplier and subcon management teams, initiating supplier development and quality improvement programs when necessary
  • Ampleon material suppliers and subcons are critical to the quality and predictable delivery of our products. We focus on partnering with and developing our key suppliers and subcons on important contributors to quality and reliability. By developing our suppliers and our quality improvement programs, we move from reactive to preventing quality issues, with the goal of supplying consistent quality to our customers

Supplier Quality - Requirements

Suppliers agree to signing Ampleon’s Supplier Code of Conduct for acknowledgment of the below principles: 

  • Suppliers shall meet the Ampleon sustainability requirements, encompassing Labor, Health and Safety, Environmental Management System and Ethics as well as compliance to European Union’s ROHS directive where applicable
  • Ampleon has a program in place to reduce greenhouse gases and is asking for active support of their key suppliers to prove their data and plans to support this program
  • Compliance to Ampleon’ s specifications as agreed
  • No supply interruptions
  • Limited changes and, if changes are necessary, Ampleon’ s approval must be obtained 
  • Rapid response to all quality incidents
    • 24 hours containment
    • 8 days root cause identification
    • Permanent corrective action plan
  • Consistent use of 8D methodology, 3x5Why, fault tree analysis or other deep drill methodologies during root cause analysis