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Learning, experience and innovation walk hand in hand. Innovation is neither a daily mission nor a specific job; it is a culture triggered by something in your genes and by parts of your mind, sometimes for 24 hours a day.

Ampleon proudly looks back on 50 years of leadership in RF Power and many innovations, and as such always supports innovative studies and students in their professional education. Being a student in electrical engineering you are about to take the first step of entering the great world of designing, creating and realizing, or in short: innovating.

We would like to support ambitious students by giving them a platform to share their innovative ideas in the field of high power semiconductor business, using Ampleon’s devices.

Therefore, we are pleased to sponsor Thrust 2 (Video Bandwidth Enhancement for High Power Amplifiers) of the Student Design Competition of the European Microwave Symposium 2018 in Madrid/Spain.

This competition is open to all students who wish to participate and are interested in the video bandwidth (VBW) concept. The selected students will use an Ampleon GaN HEMT device and technical assistance to design the best HPA, having the widest video bandwidth as their main target. Although students are free to use any topology, they need to meet a given set of specifications. The winner will be the student whose Power Amplifier demonstrates the widest video bandwidth.