Mobile Broadband

Our first-rate and user friendly RF solutions offer best size / performance trade-offs on system level, whereas uncompromised ruggedness together with excellent thermals enable our products to work in the most demanding conditions.

In the mobile broadband market, the demands for mobile data and bandwidth are still growing fast. Competition is fierce and cost is critical. As LTE has become stable, OEMs are looking for devices that increase performance, and reduce power consumption and cost. Doherty architectures are now standard across the market, with asymmetric Doherty designs typically achieving the best balance of linearity, efficiency, power and cost.

There is a worldwide attention shift to low power solutions like small cells and carrier Wi-Fi. RF power levels are decreasing, as the needs for denser networks and low power amplifiers are reducing demand for power devices.

Towards 5G

OEMs are already looking to next generations of wireless infrastructure technologies: 4.5G and even 5G. Versatility and ease of implementation will be needed to keep the market growing. Our flexible, high quality solutions enable OEMs to speed time to market, as well as providing the right weight, size and performance that meet all their applications needs.

Efficient, durable operation

Our high performance RF solutions are efficient at low power levels as well as being adaptable, stable and able to work in the harshest of conditions. High quality design and robust packages make for highly reliable products.