The ISM frequency bands feature a diverse range of applications including chemical processing, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), electro coagulation surgical equipment, precipitation monitoring, and wind profiling. Yet, all these applications share common requirements, such as high output power, high efficiency, robustness and thermal stability.

Rugged Solutions, Harsh Environments

Systems operating in the ISM band need to share their bandwidth with short-range, low-power communications systems and radio-frequency identification (RFID) applications. Many ISM applications suffer from severely unmatched inputs and outputs, demanding very rugged solutions. Whatever the challenge, we have the RF power solutions you need.

RF Power for ISM up to 1600 MHz

Our portfolio includes field-proven LDMOS devices that help developers create ISM systems that deliver high performance and a long lifetime.

RF Power for the ISM 2.45 GHz Band

Due to its global availability, the 2.45 GHz band supports a wide range of ISM applications including medical therapy as well as many RF Energy applications.

Low Power Transistors

Ranging from 2 W to tens of watts, our complete portfolio of low power RF transistors includes devices across all ISM frequencies and applications. This makes Ampleon the one-stop source for all your ISM RF needs.

Typical Applications

  • RF drying
  • RF welding
  • Citizens’ Band (CB) radio communication
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • CO2 lasers
  • Plasma generators
  • Particle accelerators
  • RF heating
  • RF thawing
  • Chemical processing
  • Plasma lighting


Ampleon offers a range of RF transistors and evaluation kits for RF instrumentation applications. Our wideband amplifiers feature low noise and are exceedingly linear, making them particularly suitable for feedback channels in a wide range of measuring equipment including vector signal transceivers, signal generators and RF power meters. 

Medical and Industrial Imaging

Visual presentations are necessary for doctors or clinicians to understand what is going on inside their patients. Ampleon works with many established brands in helping improve the world of healthcare through safe, efficient and groundbreaking medical imaging concepts.

However MRI is not only used for medical applications, it can also be used in the industrial market. For example, MRI is used to measure gas flow in the petrochemical industry.

CO2 Laser Exciters and Plasma Generators

CO2 lasers turn electrical energy into concentrated infrared light energy. The plasma is formed by the gas when electrical energy transforms into heat. This same process is used for plasma generators.

High power CO2 lasers are used for cutting and welding while lower power applications include engraving. Plasma generators are primarily used for power generation or to accelerate particle beams, and for plasma etching or deposition in the semiconductor industry.

These devices need high power amplifiers. High power generates heat. Even highly efficient designs still need to dissipate extra heat effectively and our ACP3 package, with its low thermal resistance, helps doing that even for very high power systems.

Particle Accelerators

Particle accelerators have endless potential including the development of clean energy, purification of air or water, targeted cancer treatment, detecting suspicious shipments and of course discovering scientific breakthroughs.

There are three different types of particle accelerators: the synchrotron, linear accelerator (linac) and cyclotron. A cyclotron accelerates charged particles outwards from the centre along a spiral path, using a rapidly varying (radio frequency) electric field, cyclotrons are widely used to produce particle beams in physics and nuclear medicine.