Ampleon has a broad set of message types that can be implemented to interface with our customers. The table below shows the set of messages supported for RosettaNet, EDIFICE and ANSI X12 standards.

Note: As Ampleon is constantly searching to implement messages that will contribute to the relation with the customers the table below does not contain the message types in development.

Description RosettaNet EDIFACT Ansi x/12
Request Quote 3A1    
Request Ship from Stock and Debit Authorization 5D1    
Distribute Product List 5C1    
Request Design Registration 5C2    
Create Design Win 5C3    
Distribute Registration Status 5C4    
Purchase Order 3A4 ORDERS 850
Purchase Order Response 3A7 ORDRSP 855
Purchase Order Change 3A8 ORDCHG 860
Purchase Order Change Response 3A8, 3A7 ORDRSP 865
Purchase Order Cancellation 3A9 ORDCHG  
Purchase Order Cancellation Response 3A9, 3A7 ORDRSP  
Inventory Report 4C1 INVRPT 846
Strategic forecast 4A1    
Threshold forecast 4A3 DELFOR 830
Planning release forecast 4A4 DELFOR 830
Material release 4D1 DELJIT 862
Shipment Receipt 4B2 RECADV 861
Consumption 4B3    
Inventory 4C1 INVRPT 846
Forecast response 4A5 DELFOR (out) 830R
Notify of advance shipment 3B2 DESADV 856
Ship from Stock Debit Claim 5D5 SSDCLM 844
Ship from Stock and Debit Claim Response 5D6 SSDRSP 849
Resale report   SLSRPT 867
Inventory Report from Disti   INVRPT 852
Invoice 3C3 INVOIC 810
Self-billing Invoice 3C7 INVOIC  
Payment Order Remittance 3C6 REMADV 820
Appl Advise for Invoice Rejects     824
Leadtime     846O
Appl Advise for Failed ASN   APERAK  
Disti Book Price     832
WH Stock Transfer Rec Advise     944
WH Shipping Advise     945