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The RF Power Lifetime Calculator enables an interactive estimation of our LDMOS device lifetime. Median-Time-to-Failure (MTF), the time that 50% of the population has failed, is calculated as a function of Junction Temperature of the device, assuming electromigration as the wear-out failure mechanism. This allows RF design engineers to optimize thermal characteristics of their projects to generate an optimum system level solution. The online selection and calculation process will also eliminate the need to browse through large amounts of product information to quickly find a specific RF Power transistor and its performance characteristics.

Key features

  • Wide LDMOS Product Selection: You can quickly select RF Power transistors of Gen6, Gen7, Gen8 and Gen9 LDMOS, available in the current product portfolio of Ampleon.
  • Operating Conditions Input: You can either specify the desired input values for Case Temperature, Drain Voltage, Drain Current, Input and Output power, or use the default values defined per product datasheet.
  • Validity Check: To obtain meaningful results, input values are restricted according to test and physical capabilities of our products.
  • Lifetime Calculation: The key results are represented by Median-Time-To-Failure (MTF, 50%) as a function of Junction Temperature (Tj). Drain Efficiency (ηd) and Power-added Efficiency (ηPAE) are calculated for the overall check.
  • Design Collaboration: You can save, load and share your designs with colleagues, application engineers etc. to easily collaborate on design developments.