The world is warming up which has serious consequences on our planet, lives, and way of living. Ampleon completely understands and supports the ambition of the Paris agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 °C and is fully committed to contributing to the reduction of global warming.

Ampleon has set the goal to reduce Green House Gases (GHG) by 50% in 2030 compared to reference year 2019 of its own emissions and on purchased energy. In 2020 these emissions were around 15% lower than in the reference year. Ampleon has defined actions to achieve these targets. Ampleon is working intensively with its key material suppliers to set targets and define actions to reduce their emissions.

Ampleon’s emissions caused by commuting, air travel, and transport are also being addressed.

Finally, Ampleon contributes to reducing the GHG emission downstream in the supply chain. Since the start of Ampleon, we have continuously improved our product performance in parameters like efficiency and linearity, such that our customers and their customers need less energy to operate.