Ampleon has industry proven expertise in designing and manufacturing standard commercial but also customized RF power pallets and modules to meet the industry quality standard requirements.

Our pallets are extensively tested, ensuring a high product performance consistency and long-term reliability. The performance and price of those pallets are highly competitive when compared with other solutions currently available in the market.

Pallets are available in a wide section of frequency ranges which cover the complete RF Energy band, 433 MHz, 915 MHz and 2.4 GHz, and at different power levels. Ampleon’s pallet portfolio for RF Energy achieves best-in-industry efficiency and performance with LDMOS device technology.

Customers can easily integrate these power amplifier pallets to build their final systems.

Type number Description Status Quick access
BPC10M6X2S200 LDMOS 433 MHz power module Production Download datasheet
BPC2425M9X250 Power LDMOS module Production Download datasheet
BPC2425M7X60 Power LDMOS module Production Download datasheet