Optimised for SWaP-CR (size, weight and power – cost and reliability) constraints, these RF power pallets / modules meet the industry requirements of cost and reliable performance. The pallets are 100 % RF tested ensuring a high product consistency in the end design. The performance of these pallets are very competitive against most of the existing solutions currently available in the market.

Ampleon offers both LDMOS and GaN pallet solutions. The major benefits of using LDMOS technology against other technologies in this application area are the long-term availability together with the renowned product consistency and quality. GaN technology is most used for high performance, high frequency, broadband  applications where efficiency and low costs are critical factors.

Being a European supplier, Ampleon offers ‘ITAR-free’ products, a factor that is appreciated by its customers in the worldwide A & D marketplace.

* ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and the EAR (Export Administration Regulations) are export control regulations run by different departments of the US Government.

The BPS9G2934X-400 and BPS9G2933X-450 are 50 Ohm matched modules intended for S-band radar applications in the
frequency range from 2.9 GHz to 3.4 GHz.

Type number Description Status Quick access
BPS9G2934X-400 LDMOS S-band radar power module Production Download datasheet
BPS9G2933X-450 LDMOS S-band radar power module Production Download datasheet
BLL6H1214P2S-250 LDMOS L-band radar power module Production Download datasheet