Learning experience, and innovation walk hand in hand in neither a daily mission nor a specific job; it is a culture triggered by something in your genes and by parts of your mind, sometimes for 24 hours a day.

Ampleon proudly looks back on 50 years of leadership in RF Power and many innovations, and as such always supports innovative studies and students in their professional education. Being a student in electrical engineering you are about to take the first step of entering the great world of designing, creating and realizing, or in short: innovating.

We would like to support ambitious students by giving them a platform to share their innovative ideas in the filed of high power RF circuits and systems.

Therefore we are pleased to sponsor the Thrust 2 (Wideband Power Amplifier Biasing Network Design) of the Student Design Competition of European Microwave Symposium 2020 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It will be carried out on Tuesday 15 September 2020 – 14.00 – 17.00.

This competition is open to all students who wish to participate and are interested in the power amplifier concept. 

For more information about the competition , visit the official EuMW page or download the competition brochure.

On the photo: from the right, Dr. Osman Ceylan, the design competition organizer from AMPLEON Netherlands B.V; the 2018 design competition winner composed by Diogo Barros, Joana Pereira and Cristiano Gonçalves from the Radio Frequency Laboratory of Instituto de Telecomunicações in Aveiro/Portugal; and José Luis Gómez Tornero, the Student Activities Committee Co-Chair.