... are the principles that guide our behavior. These three values are clearly defined and widely accepted within our company as all teams across the globe participated in selecting them.

FOCUS, EXCELLENCE and VELOCITY dominate our daily working life and give us an orientation at all times. These common denominators help us structure our responsibilities, facilitate teamwork and increase employee satisfaction. 

Particularly in dynamic environments, clearly defined values are of growing importance and relevance. They act as standards and as guiding principles for the entire Ampleon team and serve as a basis for a sustained performance culture.

Living the Values

Hence, we make sure that these three values are not only buzzwords in our company.

  • Our managers model our values and inspire others to do the same, they communicate them and turn them into daily business. 
  • Our values are instrumental, i.e. expected behaviour and the "what, how and when" are concretely defined, no matter which role and responsibility you hold.  
  • They are embodied in our social behaviour and in how we interact with each other. 
  • They strongly influence our internal communication.

Easy to remember

We are convinced that values are more accepted and lived if all staff members can easily remember them and know what they - in short - are all about.

  • Focus:           I decide on what to do and what to skip.
  • Excellence:  How well I do what I do.
  • Velocity:      What I do, I do in time (according to agreed direction) as committed.