Providing speed and versatility

A concept that can be used in the manufacturing industry the world over, RF heating and drying can assist in reducing emissions, improving efficiency and speeding up the production process.

Key features and benefits

  • Faster uniform drying
  • Excellent ruggedness
  • Thermal stability
  • Efficiency savings

Industrial based RF heating and drying is fast and flexible. It allows for a quicker and streamlined production process for many manufacturing applications. This provides uniform heating and drying, a reduction in emissions and improvements in product quality and efficiency.

This concept can be used for a wide range of different professions. RF heating and drying can be used for medical purposes e.g. for blood and organ warming, for white good appliances and for scientific purposes such as chemical processing.

RF acts as a volumetric heat source effectively depositing energy inside large loads and preventing large temperature gradients.

Materials with poor heat transfer characteristics such as ceramics and glass fibres, have traditionally been problem materials when it comes to heating and drying

Conventional heating of material wastes energy during heating due to inefficiency of conduction and connection based heating mechanisms

Warping, surface discolouration and cracking associated with conventional drying methods can all be avoided with RF solutions

Longevity semiconductor technology can easily be much larger than tube based technology.


  • Controllability feedback loop
  • Heat spread evenly across a target
  • Prevents local overheating
  • Improved product quality
  • Unprecedented system reliability

Application examples

  • White good appliances
  • Industrial based, material drying, clothes drying, wood, paint.
  • Scientific/environmental – chemical processing
  • Medical - blood and organ warming, RF ablation and RF hyperthermia

RF Heating and Drying