Unparalleled efficiency with RF cooking

In a restaurant or fast food establishment, ovens often run for more than 10 hours a day. If the outlets are open 24/7 then these ovens will be in operation even longer.

Currently most establishments use conventional or microwave ovens but these must be maintained on a regular basis. Magnetrons specifically need to be repaired or replaced annually. They also require constant algorithm adjustment to maintain consistent cooking as their power output degrades over time.

Accelerated cooking

RF ovens enable large quantities of food to be cooked accurately and efficiently in a short time. These ovens can cook over 30% faster than today’s conventional oven. This accelerated cooking enables restaurants to reduce waiting lines and serve more customers.

Sensor technology

The RF oven contains a sensor-based cavity which can detect the footprint of the food. This allows the oven to focus its energy on the food and cook at the appropriate heat setting. The oven can also move the hotspots and adjust the power to cook an entire meal in one go. This helps speed up the cooking process while still ensuring that every meal is cooked to perfection.

Self maintained

RF transistors have a long lifetime of up to 20 years, so even regular maintenance is no longer necessary. The oven can also run diagnostics on itself. If a problem is detected, the oven can alert the user and in our increasingly connected world potentially even schedule a maintenance visit.


  • Accurate, flexible and controlled cooking
  • Long lifetime
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Able to cook multiple foodstuffs simultaneously
  • Cooks faster and at a higher quality than current technologies

White paper Solid State Cooking

Ampleon’s Solid State Cooking white paper will give you more information about what the new technology brings with it many new techniques that can significantly enhance the control of energy delivery. These techniques represent scope for innovation that will change the user’s experience of cooking with high power RF energy.

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