Cook your food to perfection

Our solid state systems can change the kitchen landscape. RF ovens perform more efficiently than conventional and microwave-based ovens. By providing increased control and power, food can be cooked more precisely, keeping taste, texture and vitamins.

How it works?

RF ovens really are the next generation of cooking. RF cooking lets you prepare your meal at the precise temperature without disturbing the integrity of the food. Our RF energy cooking solution does all the hard work for you.

The oven has sensors that can determine the food’s specific footprint. Once recognized, the oven will cook the food at the appropriate temperature. Through continuous sensing, the cooking progress can be monitored and accurately controlled.

Prepare your entire meal

You can also cook multiple foodstuffs simultaneously. For example, if you wanted a roast dinner with all the trimmings you can put it all into the oven and let it do the cooking. The system can automatically adjust the RF profile, moving the hotspots to certain areas of oven to cook the whole meal to perfection.

Based on solid state technology, RF ovens have an exceptionally long lifetime, easily outlasting the current kitchen devices, both for maintenance and performance.

Our RF energy solution also give manufacturers significant design freedom compared to microwave ovens, allowing smaller, slimmer designs or even different shapes.


  • Cooks homogeneously
  • Less moisture lost than microwave or conventional ovens
  • Accurate, controlled flexible cooking
  • Able to cook different food items at same time
  • Ability to monitor cooking process
  • Supports different form factor designs 

White paper Solid State Cooking

Ampleon’s Solid State Cooking white paper will give you more information about what the new technology brings with it many new techniques that can significantly enhance the control of energy delivery. These techniques represent scope for innovation that will change the user’s experience of cooking with high power RF energy.

Domestic Cooking