New challenges, new solutions

RF power technologies are being introduced in many different settings. Our goal is to eliminate large and wasteful power sources like magnetron-based technologies, replacing them with smart, innovative RF power solutions. Our solutions deliver a more focused and precise way of getting the job done.

The introduction of these RF power concepts will help improve the white goods and industrial landscape courtesy of their smart functionality, green sustainability and overall higher efficiency.

Breaking the mold

Pushing RF power into existing or new markets is not without its challenges. Existing solutions such as the microwave magnetron or traditional spark plug are well-established in their respective markets. Yet, RF power solutions offer such significant advantages over these existing solutions that change is coming. For example, solid-state enabled ovens find their way into restaurants and professional kitchens, offering superior performance over the traditional microwave based ovens.

Key applications

  • Dedicated to RF Energy, Industrial, Scientific & Medical (ISM) markets, spanning the 433 MHz, 915 MHz and 2.45 GHz frequency bands
  • RF Cooking B2B and B2C
  • RF Defrosting
  • Plasma lamps
  • Magnetron replacement
  • RF Power amplifier makers
  • High power industrial equipment OEMs
  • Semiconductor equipment manufacturers

Recommended products

Type number Frequency (MHz) P1dB (W) ηD (%) Product type
BLP25RFE001 433, 915, 2450 0.25 N.A. Signal generator
BLP35M805 0-3500 5 50 Transistor
BLC10M6XS200 433 200 78 Transistor
BLM8G0710S-30PB 915 3 27 Transistor
BLF0910H9LS600 915 600 68 Transistor
BLM2425M7S60P(G) 2450 60 48 Transistor
BLC2425M10LS250 2450 250 68 Transistor
BPC10M6X2S200 433 200 76 Pallet
BPC2425M7X60 2450 60 45 Pallet
BPC2425M9X250 2450 250 59 Pallet
BPC2425M9X2S250-1 2450 250 58 Pallet
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RF Energy Alliance

Ampleon is a founding member of the RF Energy Alliance whose members share the vision of building a fast-growing and innovative marketplace and ecosystem around the use of solid-state RF energy as a highly efficient and controllable source of heat and power.