Plasma Lighting

Ampleon is a technology innovator delivering high-power RF Si LDMOS solutions that are used to develop the next revolution in light sources, i.e. RF plasma lighting. These innovative light sources are powered by directed RF radiation which ignites the gas mixtures and creates a very bright plasma with an emission spectrum similar to sun light. Ampleon's solutions address stringent efficiency and ruggedness challenges needed to deliver energy to this new light source.

Recommended products

Type Fmin (MHz) Fmax (MHz) PL(1db) (W) PL(1db) (dBm) VDS (V) ηD (%) Gp (dB) PL(AV) (W) Internal matching Recommended driver
BPC10M6X2S20042344320053283850Ω I/O
BPC10M6X2S20042344320053283850Ω I/O