RF power transistors for base stations

Ampleon is the fastest growing supplier of LDMOS transistors for cellular infrastructure, leading the WCDMA and LTE markets. Our promise is unprecedented performance combined with best-in-class application support and constant innovation. Our design and manufacturing technologies ensure the best PA manufacturing yields in the industry. Our latest 9th generation LDMOS RF transistors offer the best solutions for all cellular frequency bands. With the current industry focus on cost reduction, we complement our product portfolio with OMP and MMIC product families, which combine high performance with low cost.

Single-Package Asymmetric Doherty (PAD) transistors and MMICs

PAD devices offer the highest efficiency, smallest footprint, and best cost-effectiveness, and can deliver P1dB power levels up to 460 W. These products are DPD-friendly and show excellent video bandwidth. The wide product portfolio covers frequency bands from 450 MHz to 3.8 GHz and average power levels from 2 to 80 W. Discrete single-stage transistors and asymmetric MMICs are available to suit most applications, from picocells to macrocells.

Doherty amplifiers for state-of-the art wireless infrastructure

In order to achieve the highest efficiencies currently possible, Ampleon combines its latest generations of LDMOS technology with the Doherty concept. We offer the world’s first fully integrated Doherty transistor but also reference designs for very efficient, high-power, discrete 2- and 3-way Doherty amplifiers. The world’s first fully integrated Doherty transistor looks like an ordinary Class-AB transistor but contains a splitter, main and peak devices, delay lines, and a combiner integrated inside the package. With the ease of design of an ordinary Class-AB transistor, it also provides significant space and cost savings. It is ideally suited for space-constrained applications like small-cell base stations and antenna arrays.